Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sixwire Perform Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man on Episode Two of the Next Great American Band

Sixwire are definitely the most polished of all the bands in the competition. They've been around for seven years, and they've already had and lost a major record label deal, so it's basically, now or never for them. To me, all these guys need is a record label that will push their music. Country music is huge right now, so they're hitting it at the right time. We'll see...

They did a great job on the cover song, and their original, Good To Be Back, is a great song. Enjoy! - Today's Best Rock Videos - Today's Best Country Music Videos - - One Hit Wonders

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Tis4Tigger said...

I agree that Sixwire gave the strongest performance on the night with stellar vocals and musicianship. When they took the stage, their superior quality over the other bands was obvious. I loved both their cover and their should be all over the radio. I hope to see these guys win and I can't wait to buy an album and a concert ticket!