Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did the Zombie Bazooka Patrol Make It Through To the Final 12

Earlier, I posted the video of the Zombie Bazooka Patrol making it through to the next round. However, on every other website I can find about the show, they're not listed as one of the final 12. In fact, with them, there would be 13. I don't know if this was a mistake by the judges for choosing too many bands or what, but I'd like to find out what happened. Because as you can clearly see in the last post, the judges pushed them through. Anyone have any information about this???


Anonymous said...

There were a alot more than just 12 bands selected to go on to the next round. That way the judges could pick all the ones they liked, instead of having to always keep in midn that they could only pick 12.

You could say that the "next round" was when the judges regrouped, probably watched videos of the performances, and then chose the 12 who they thought had the most potential.

The 12 then are going to round 3, technically.

That's the way i understand it.

J. P. said...

Ahhh... Thank you for the clarification. They were the only band that I saw on tape that they voted thru that didn't make it to the final 12, so I was a bit confused. Thanks for clearing it up!