Sunday, October 21, 2007

Northmont Promotional Video - Next Great American Band Episode One

Northmont didn't make it through to the final 12, but the judges gave them a second chance. I actually thought they sounded really good. The lead singer looks like a cross between Vin Diesel and Henry Rollins and the band sounds like Matchbox 20.

All that being said, they have the right formula to produce top 40 music, which is what the competition is ultimately about: Finding a pop band that can sell cd's to the masses, i.e. top 40 music. Oh well, maybe the publicity from the show will help these guys and encourage them not to give up. Here's a promo video of them I found on Youtube. Enjoy! - Today's Best Rock Videos - Today's Best Country Music Videos - - One Hit Wonders

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Jakerx said...

The song in this video is named "Gone" which is a song I wish they would have played for the show.