Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Clark Brothers Perform Queen's These Are The Days Of Our Lives on Episode 8 of the Next Great American Band

I love the Clark Brothers. I'm torn between them and Sixwire when it comes to picking the winner. I thought they did a great job on both songs as did Sheila E. and Johnny. Dicko didn't like the lyrics to their original song, Homestead, but thought they performed it well. What'd you think?

P.S. Love the additional band members... Now, you're a real band. - Today's Best Rock Videos - Today's Best Country Music Videos - - One Hit Wonders

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World Peace Begins With Inner Peace said...

I think the lyrics to Homestead were somewhat simplistic;however, the song convoyed emotion and purpose. Trust is important so I could connect to the lyrics, "back to the hood/ back to the woods/ just a hand shake means your words still good." It was also fun with good rythem and a nice beat. Still I see Dicko's point, but w/e. As far as the additional members, I think they were unnecessary.

Sixwire, in my opinion, is a group of harmonizing old guys who are seriously lacking in the area of innstromentals.

The Clark Brothers are the next great American band!

They are my total fave!

Peace Love Light && Laughter