Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Light of Doom Perform Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting on Episode Three of the Next Great American Band

The all-little boys band Light of Doom kept their shirts on and performed Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting and their original song, Light of Doom. Enjoy!

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1 comment:

Randal D said...

Light of doom, Guys.
look it does not matter what they all say. to young, not that good.
I have played in alot of bands over the years. And I know that when the lables get a hold you, they will have you do it this way or that way.

no matter what, stay true to the music, do not let the companies take controll, of the music you controll the music. let the lables, deal with the bull crap that goes with the rest of it. you just play the music, and keep sing the way you feel that is right.

You all have a long way to go, the world of music and life, but do not lose the fun, in the music, and not what goes with it, the bad stuff.
just keep rockin out. you guys can do what some of can not do, and that is MAKE IT BIG.

good luck and to buy the cd when it come out.

and guys keep the shirts on, what for the cd to hit the stores.
the just do your thing.

you guy rock.

From the drummer for bad dog ink, in Indiana.